Saturday, April 4, 2009

2 days?

Since I blogged here? Wow, well -- it's been busy.

The kids are still home on spring break and we had some errands to run and some therapies to deal with. Andrew and I are looking into acupuncture for stress relief/smoking cessation/fertility. We were hoping to do the initial appointment this past week, but it just didn't fit into our budget / time constraints. I am happy to announce that I have been smoke free for a full 24 hours now! - - and haven't even started the acupuncture so I think this time it might just work!! That would be so awesome! Now I haven't tried driving yet though...that's gotta be one of the hardest times for me....

To keep myself busy and not smoking today I worked on painting the kitchen. I painted it that sunflower yellow (well, that's the color it was SUPPOSED to be) and it was a dark orange type of color I decided that was too dark for a kitchen and repainted it bone and green...
(excuse the messy kitchen)

I went and had my annual physical on Thursday. So far all my tests are coming back healthy...Just waiting on the A1C (glucose tests) and the TSH (thyroid function).

Let's see... Zac's doing well at learning sign--and even trying to speak some words. He goes in Friday for his tubes and to have his adenoids removed. He has to go in on Tuesday for a physical before having his surgery. We have our typical schedule of errands and therapies Monday through Thursday--so we're up for another busy week..I still hope we can find time to fit in some acupuncture and if not that at least some time at the YMCA for some exercise.

Speaking of which my Wii broke!! We went to do our Wii Fit test for the day and it froze up!? I had to send it in to Nintendo - at least it's under warranty so it's not costing me anything! So I've been trying to remember some of the 'simpler' yoga exercises and do them when no one's looking :) ... they look at you strange around here if you're doing yoga for "no reason" ROFL

Robert's getting more excited about trying to get into the Culinary Arts program at Warren Tech, so that's yet another thing I should add to my schedule for next week...I know the following week they will be going out there with the school on a tour of WT...I'd like to take him out there myself sometime before then though.

Kelly's been...a teenaged daughter...about ready to drive me up the walls with texting and friends and going places and doing things...but I like her to stay busy...which has been keeping us busy and on our toes.

Harley ... well he didn't get respite today after all - Scott was sick. They opened a new Jumpstreet (indoor trampoline park) in our neighborhood and Harley's been wanting to go there so maybe next week he can do that with Scott. Tyler was more impressed with the video games than being interested in the jumping castles and trampolines...maybe one of these days I'll take him there after naptime? (or maybe even before naptime?!)

Tyler is refusing to potty train. I am having a hard time with this kid when it comes to him doing things that aren't his idea. I'm hoping that if we can figure time in our schedule to hit the Y on a regular basis, he can start going to Child Watch and get some socialization. We took him to a McD's playplace for the first time in over a year on Thursday and he really enjoyed chasing and talking to other kids his age...he even helped a few "smaller" toddlers and told them they were "so Cute"...I can't believe he's almost 3 years old already! He'll be running off to catch the bus for school in no time :(

Andrew - well he's rearranged his work schedule so that he has Thursday and Friday off until 10:30 pm now...which gives him two mornings a week he can sleep for more than 4 hours before he has to get up for his next shift...And all day to spend with us -- doing projects or having fun or running errands or any of the other millions of things we do in a week. He's getting ready to go in for another cortisone shot on his knee...Oh and he lost a filling out of his tooth while eating yesterday! Of course, he doesn't have dental insurance either...*sigh*...

So yeah, that and my Ex is being a big ol' butthead....Basically he won't sign the papers to make the custody change legal so I'm gonna have to go the hard way. He "doesn't want to have to pay me to raise my own children" by paying child support so now he won't even give me an address to send the papers to. It's obvious that he's gonna lose either way so I don't know why he won't just make it easy on the both of us...He hasn't even given me his email address...I don't want to put TMI here so I'll leave it at that...

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