Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One smart cookie! -- and other ramblings of the day

Tyler and I were talking about making cookies today and I told him we have to get some flour because I just don't have enough. I pulled out the bag of flour we have and said see - not enough for cookies...he responds with

Let me smell the flowers?! LOL

He is one sharp cookie...He's always telling me how "delicious" his food is and it's just tickling me that he's such a great kid! He can be an amped up gymnast and now he's teaching Zachary how to do sommersaults...By knocking him down by the back of his head and saying "flip"... At least Zachary enjoys it...soon I will have two little wild gymnasts at this rate...

And hopefully by this time next year they will have a little brother or sister to celebrate and start teaching things to as well!

Oh and today Zachary got his very first facial rug burn...he's getting braver every day and is starting to let go when he's standing...He'd much rather just take off running so balance is an can't balance if you start off running!! I keep telling him that but he just doesn't want to hear it...:)

Today and tomorrow are half days at school for Robert & Kelly. Thursday is Harley's last day of school until the 7th of January 2009!

I better get on that Christmas am I going to do that with the two little ones? Oh well, I guess they'll get to go with me...Oh and I need to get more wrapping paper and take a count of what Harley / Tyler / Zachary has -- At least Robert & Kelly know that they will have less gifts this year because theirs are more expensive.

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Haley said...

Have a good day Tracy, hope you get some shopping done. It's hard buying for the older kids like you said everything is so much more$$. They all love you!