Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the agenda

Let's see I have so many things...I wonder if I will be able to get them all done today?

We still have some dough left over from making our cookies yesterday, so I need to get Tyler on cutting some more cookies! I want to make the Gingerbread houses too!

I did finally make it to Dollar Tree and get the stocking stuffers (except that I need some more for Robert & Kelly)....I do still have to get to Walmart and the mall (am I crazy?) and get Robert & Kelly's gift cards--it's been too hard to get out during the past week or so with everyone taking turns at being sick.

Our tree is still not completely decorated...Maybe we'll just do that on Christmas Eve? The things just don't stay on the tree with Tyler, Zachary, Harley and the cats around :)

Just two or three more loads of laundry to go. A shower for me. Cleaning the living room carpet. And of course trying to get laid too! And get Harley motivated on cleaning his room so I can disinfect in there...oh and I think the van needs a good cleaning and disinfecting too!

I wonder if I will manage to get it all done today in the midst of my 'regular' mommy duties?

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