Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Photos!! Finally!

OMG I forgot to tell you about the photography...I put an ad out looking for a photographer...got two REAL responses...one wanted $195 and the other wanted $250! OMG I had no idea it would be that expensive...so I responded back explaining that and that I had had a coupon and was planning on spending a total of $50--including pictures...We don't need many -- just some of us, our picture wall, and maybe some of the nurses and therapists...otherwise, we really have no one to give them (or send them) to...

One lady responded back and is going to do our pictures and give them to us on CD--for $60!!!! (that way we can just print them out at our own cost)! We have to pick the location...I just can't decide where to have them taken...I'm thinking that the history museum has lots of things, but I like Red Rocks too...Red Rocks though -- Tyler will want to go hiking and won't stay clean so I'm thinking the Littleton History Museum might be the best we can do. They will turn out nice -- I just know it! We're doing that on Saturday afternoon...Hopefully everyone will be healthy!

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