Friday, November 21, 2008

Two birds, one stone

Even though I seem to have lost all motivation to do anything today, Tyler's making up for it...

He grabbed a box of Kix our of the cereal cabinet and before I could stop him, he spilled the box all over the living room carpet...WHY?! Because he wants to vacuum them up! OK, this is not a bad thing - I hope when he's a teenager he still likes to vacuum as much as he does now :)

So that snowballed on he has to clean up all the toys he's strewn all over the living room before he can finish vacuuming...

Hmm, maybe when I want him to clean up his toys I can 'drop' something on the carpet and ask him if he wants to clean it up with the vacuum...two birds with one stone?!

Well, laundry's all caught up, no dishes in the sink, Zac's down for a nap...I think I could take a little time and just relax...that's still accomplishing something right? LOL

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