Thursday, November 20, 2008

Throwback Thursday - November 1996

I may add a picture for Throwback Thursday but today is a very important day to me so for now you get a little story...

It was 12 years ago today that I was sitting in my room crying having just come back from a meeting the adoption agency. I can't stand the thought of giving my baby up for adoption just because the natural father has threatened me with my life (and tried to burn down my house and said he would blow up my car).

Andrew came to me and said he would be honored to be the father of my baby and will raise the baby as his own...for two weeks prior we have been toying with the idea of getting "involved" but he just wasn't sure if he wanted an 'instant' family.

This is the day that Andrew and I officially became a couple. Later that night we pulled out the baby book published in the 1920s and decided that the child's name would be Harley, meaning Angel...(Harley's middle name is Andrew.) The next day I called the adoption agency and stopped the process.

Later this week we celebrate seven years since Andrew officially adopted Harley in the eyes of the court and his name was placed on Harley's birth certificate as his true father--which he is in mind, spirit and body.

I am so blessed to have Andrew in my life...we all are!


The Zak Family said...

What a beautiful story! I have tears! I'm so happy that you are happy, Tracy. You deserve it!

katie said...

i just learn more each time i read your blog. just an amazing story and amazing family. you are blessed!