Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nooo, pleeeeeease, not again?!

well, about 10 this morning I noticed an abrupt end to most of my symptoms, except the having to pee all the time...well, as of this writing I no longer have ANY pregnancy symptoms at all...I don't understand how they could be so strong this morning and now....nothing....I am so scared...Now I don't even want to go for betas tomorrow...I don't know...I don't want to go on the roller coaster I went on with Andi's pregnancy...I just can't do that again...

Oh God -- and I feel so alone -- and so scared....I hope this isn't the end already...I mean there's been no spotting or bleeding -- just complete and abrupt end of all my symptoms--and a backache....

Oh please, please, please don't let this happen to me again?! In fact, I think I will go and pee on my very last stick right now and see if it's still bfp or if it's already bfn.....:(

ETA: just nearly bfn :((

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