Sunday, November 9, 2008

Never thought of it like this before..

I was thinking last night while talking to another Dec07 mommy who experienced a loss as well....

My first loss was in December 2006...that baby was due in July. Months went by and when I finally did get pregnant again, the baby was due in December 2007 (and I have Zachary to show for it!)...So maybe I was destined to have a baby in December? That is why I had to lose the first one?

Now, this baby is due in this a coincidence? Maybe THIS is the baby that was destined to arrive in July?

Oh I can't wait till I get my betas (or better yet, get to see an u/s pic of this little one!)...I am starting to accept it, but am still very guarded about it.

I just thought that was very interesting.

Oh and with the symptoms I'm having so very early...I'm betting this one is a girl!! I'll take either as long as it makes it and it healthy...

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