Sunday, November 2, 2008

...more fun!...

Let's see, where'd I leave off?

After bobbing for apples we decided we were going to go out to Morrison Park and Red Rocks...

Morrison Park is a great little nature park...just trees and open space along side the river (the lower half of the same river we tubed in this summer!)...

When we arrived at the big tree we discovered someone had hung a bungee/rope swing! (we had been talking about trying to get a rope up to the top of the tree to do the same)
Kelly on the swing --

Tyler on the swing --

Troy (aka: The WILD wonder Tyler's attached to him so much eh?)

A nice picture of Troy & Kelly on the tree

While the big kids were swinging, Tyler, Zachary and Harley enjoyed playing in the leaves
Photobucket Photobucket
Then we played by the river (here's Kelly trying to figure a way to get across)

Then it's off to finish our walk into beautiful Downtown Morrison...
we always go to the Blue Cow --
...and get ice cream!!

It always tastes better when you get it on ya! Photobucket

Then we headed to Red Rocks...Photobucket
More pics to follow....

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