Thursday, May 1, 2008

Zac's surgery Part II

Zac came through his surgery just fine. He still has hearing loss in the right ear, but that is going to be retested in about 3 weeks (another appointment I need to add to my list of appointmetns to be made/kept! LOL). He was flirting with all the nurses, I KNEW I should've taken the camera, but then I thought about HIPPA laws and thought, nawww, they won't let me take pics anyhow....They probably would have though. They all fell in love with my BIG BLUE EYED boy!

He seems to have some pain when he maybe his ears are popping? He's refusing to go to sleep tonight too...And boy do I ever need sleep. It's been a long day having been up since 1:00 this morning trying to get him to eat something before the 'fasting before surgery' period began...Ya know, he's such a good sleeper at night now he refused to eat...I tried to feed him every 1/2 hour hoping he had changed his mind, but no go! He wanted to Sleep...Can't say that's a bad thing! Just hard on momma when she knows that he's gotta eat now or he won't get to eat till after noon.

After his surgery he gulped down an 8oz bottle in less than 10 minutes. The boy was HUNGRY! At least it was sign that he was doing well after surgery!

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