Monday, April 28, 2008

Ultrasound pics from today

Please, someone leave me a comment? Tell me if you see it? More in the first picture than the 2nd one (the dot in the 2nd pic is the measuring thingy!)

ultrasound view 1

Sorry this one's blurry...still haven't gotten my scanner to work, so it's a pic of a pic...

The doctor I saw today also said "It's nice and round"...I don't think it's round, bu how many of these do I see?


Ruth said...

Tracy, I personally see a bean. It's faint but definitely there. I wish there was a way I could download it and mark where I see it. I'm still praying for you and your's. How are you feeling these days?

Jen-BBC Dec. 2008 said...

Hi Tracy- I see that the sac is round- looked like mine and I thinkI see the bean. It's bit blurry for me, I think I see it. How are you doing????? Jen