Monday, April 28, 2008

Refiguring the dates OR just grasping at straws??

I went back and redid a pregnancy calculator on BBC. 
Since I O'd on CD18, 19 or 20 (+opks on cd18 and 19), I went ahead and put in a 40 day cycle (which they automatically assume would be Oing on CD20 right?).  That radically changed my EDD to 12/26/08 (from 12/16/08) which would now put me at 5 weeks versus 7 weeks...and I measured 4-5 weeks last week and 6-6 1/2 weeks today....
BUT do you think I really would've gotten a bfp at 7dpo?? (got my bfp on cd27)
I know, I'm probably just grasping at straws...I'm trying to find any excuse I possibly can to make this baby real...I am so not ready to give it up on this baby yet, even if it's not "there"...BUT will I be able to handle carrying this 'unknown-whether-its-going-to-develop-baby' for up to another 7 weeks?  My symptoms are once again on the decline...I go in tomorrow to have my betas drawn again. I just HAVE to know if they are dropping...That will give me an idea on what to expect next Monday at the ultrasound.
Oh, I need to stop thinking about this....
Oh and no UTI...she thinks it may have been my irritable bowel acting up...hmm, from stress?  What stress?? :)

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