Sunday, April 27, 2008

Since this IS supposed to be about Harley!!

I've had a rough week with Harley...In the past week
he's raided the fridge twice overnight;
physically and verbally attacked his aide and art teachers (twice!);
written a death threat to my exhubby;
nearly hit his OT;
peed his pants FOUR TIMES!;
threatened to blow up the school (in front of other students, btw, so they were totally freaked out)....

Yesterday we went out to do some errands and he acutally thought he would get to go to Blockbuster...this is his typical Friday reward for good behavior...Well, do you think his behavior's been good this week?

One of the stores we stopped at he wanted to go to Blockbuster afterwards. We tried to get him to the van before telling him, but he stayed planted right where he was till we gave him an answer. We told him we had already answered that question.

So then mayhem ensued! He started screaming (not just screaming, but high pitched wailing screams, terror, blood curling ... Like he was being abducted or something!). We got all sorts of looks from the other customers...Unfortunately, I was already on my way to the van with the two little boys and heard this going on...Finally Kelly arrived to watch the two little ones so I could help Andrew with Harley. Robert had been trying to help but got so frustrated that he squeezed on Harley's face (and nearly got bit!)--so things just I had two boys to calm down.

Andrew and I couldn't do anything to get Harley moving and he started to hallucinate (I think it was b/c of Robert's reaction) that he was seeing monsters.

We finally had to do a 2 person hold and take him to the ground. We sat on the ground in the parking lot trying to calm him enough to move him to the van--on the other end of the parking lot!!

We got him calmed and started our trek when the hallunications hit again...Again we ended up doing a 2 person hold on him and walking him backwards (I'll have to see if I can get a pic from the web of the hold we did). We were able to get him closer to the van, but as we were walking with him...he figured out that he could trip us up by wrapping his ankles around ours...I nearly tripped over him when he did this, but thankfully Andrew kept his balance and all was back in line in no time...

This whole thing took a good 10 sure felt like a lifetime!

Even though it's been a bad week for him...I love him dearly...I know he struggles with his disabilities. I refuse to stop taking him in public just because he has his bad days...

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dance_flower said...

Hugs to you Tracy! I know your Rollercoaster right now is windier than it was, but you are one awesome mama.....I am so glad that you are continuing to take Harley out too...people just need to get a clue that some people are different from others! You are awesome!!!!