Friday, April 4, 2008

Shaping up??

The last two days I have had more energy than I typically have. Yesterday I spent most of my energy trying to catch up on chores...Today?? I thought OK, it's a nice day...I'll take the boys for a walk...Tyler decided he would rather have a complete meltdown rather than walk. So I pulled out the double stroller...Went for a mile long walk (up a pretty steep hill one way) pushing 50 pounds worth of kid(s) and the weight of the stroller...Boy am I out of shape!!?

Where was my desintation? Walgreens to get some FRERs...Stay tuned for news in the coming days...

I sure hope the weather holds up and is this nice early in the morning (we left at 9AM and was back at 9:45) so I can keep up this exercise routine! Although it was exhausting, it was also exhilrating! My muscles keep telling me otherwise though LOL.

Well, since the boys are down for a nap, I should go too...Harley's got an early release today so the kids will all start arriving home about 2:00 and then it's off to do the usual Friday night routine...Blockbuster and the grocery store!

I guess the walk is the highlight of my day?? Sad huh?

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