Thursday, April 24, 2008

The status of my bean??? Still undecided!!!

OK, so I updated the boards before I posted on my blog after all b/c I had some questions...if you can answer any of my questions, please leave me a comment????

here's the update:Saw a sac, no yolk yet though (is that normal for 5w6d (by LMP) - 6w3d)? Dr. said it's in the that's good. The sac looked pretty large, but there was no white spots in it that I could see...he said it appears to be 4-5 weeks, between the beta levels and the I'm still nervous as all get out that it could still be on the demise since it should have something right?

Anyhow, I go back a week from today and get another u/s. If it appears the same on that u/s we will repeat betas. If they are going down at that point then it's a 'goner'

So yet another week to lose sleep and worry.

So my biggest question: Has anyone else had an u/s this early and seen just an empty sac? Dr says he's feeling moderately hopeful....Oh, please let the next week pass VERY quickly!!??

Just called the dr back and asked if he saw a yolk...he did NOT and should have b/c I put us at about 6 weeks. He said sometimes betas and babies do weird things so I should not worry unless there's no change on the u/s next week...I just feel like crying...I'll never make it another week!!

Please share your experiences or those of your families/friends with me to give me some hope??????

EDIT: I know I shouldn't but I did some internet research since my post and it sounds me to like I have a blighted ovum...So I'm just sitting and waiting for the bleeding to start...Maybe I won't have to worry about making it till next Thursday then...I'll keep you all informed when the bleeding starts.


Teesa69 said...

No success stories? Oh...I'm losing it!! (my mind and possibly my pregnancy too?)...I knew it was a mistake to go in feeling hopeful today!!

Andrea said...

Tracy-- there are a lot of good stories. My numbers were slow rising but I didn't get in for an u/s before 7 weeks. please don't lose hope! Being hopeful isn't a bad thing- I love you girlie!!