Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh CRAP! Literally!!

I finally went to bed about 11:45 last night...Harley was still up but since I had been up since 3:30 AM, there was just no way I could've stayed up with him any longer...I forgot to lock up all the cookies and his leftover Easter Bunny (which was supposed to have gone in the trash...the last thing he needs is chocolate!) in the refrigerator when I locked the refrigerator last night...
I get him up for his shower this morning (he was already awake) and what do I discover?  He's eaten 1/2 a solid chocolate bunny, 1/2 a box of oreos and a half dozen chocolate chip cookies!! Of course, I tell him it's time for his shower anyhow and he says he's too sick...I wonder WHY??!!  
Now he's gonna be pooping all day! Between the way he sits on the toilet (see below) and the fact that he has been having bowel & bladder control problems lately (I've been having to remind him to use the bathroom to prevent him from having accidents) -- there's just no way he can go to school...
I'm sure I've mentioned how Harley doesn't sit correctly on the toilet...He sits backwards from a 'typical human' LOL and "hugs" the tank as he uses the toilet (makes quite the mess too!)...oh I forgot to mention that he strips off ALL of his clothes so he can squat on the toilet...and he won't use the bathroom at school for pooping (it doesn't have a tank to hold onto). I'm afraid he will be sick(er) if he tries to hold it all day!!
I hope he's done with getting it out of his system before it's time to go to Creative so at least he can keep that part of his routine going!!

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