Monday, April 28, 2008

Just got off the phone with the dr...

They offered for me to go in for an appointment today at 10:10 or just have a urine sample...they said they're not worried since it's one sided pain...they've already ruled out ectopic pregnancy. The 'fever' is not considered a 'fever' at only 99.7. So instead I'm going in just to be checked for a UTI. I should have those results today.

I wanted to, but didn't want to, go in for an appointment today. I'd love to try to hold out hope that I'll see something on the ultrasound. I told her I'd rather just wait for the bleeding to start and she advised me that I may not miscarry on my own..Sooo, that comment leads me to believe that they also think it's a blighted ovum and aren't expecting to see much on Wednesday's ultrasound either.

I just wish I could stop crying...Maybe it's just the lack of sleep? the stupid hormones that seem to be rising for no reason?

She said she could hear me crying and I could come in just to put my mind at ease...nawww, I don't want to know yet...I still have a level of acceptance I need to reach before receiving the 'official' diagnosis....

At this point, I just can't stop shaking and crying...This BITES!

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