Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am so glad Tuesday's over!

News from the lab: Everything's GOOD! I called to make my appt and they told me the results had just come in and were going to call me with them. Anyhow as a result though, I'm not being followed as a high risk pg -- good and bad -- not as many u/s...They had given me the option of coming in for hcg betas, but I declined for now...I just have to have faith and wait for another 14 days! When they gave me an appt on April 30th, I cried and said I couldn't handle insomnia worrying that long...stupid hormones!...I am NOT going to worry myself..If I had betas done yesterday the results would come Thursday with another draw...then I'd be worrying all weekend to get the next set of I'm just going to have faith. What sucks though is that at my first u/s I will be 7w5d...the same day I found out my Dec06 Angel had no h/b...and that makes me cry too!...stupid hormones! (tired of hearing that yet?).

Well, to top it off, I also had to run a bunch of errands b/c I didn't do them Monday...When I got home I found out my internet connection was down...I spent an hour on the phone trying to get tech support to fix it and they decided they had to send out a repair tech tomorrow. Didn't get fixed...(thankfully DH was here to help Zac and Tyler was still napping). Needless to say, in the 3 hrs I was gone, my connection fixed itself...So here I am!!

Just before we had to leave, Harley's special needs nurse returned my call and I ended up being on the phone with her for nearly an's so hard to describe what we go through with Harley...It made me break down in tears to realize just how hard it is to deal with some of these behaviors sometimes. And then Joann(the nurse) had to keep complimenting me on how well we've done with him, which just made me cry more!

Ran more errands from 4-6 (library, grocery store, Blockbuster (to return movies we rented last week!), paying my water bill and picking up Harley from therapy) and then had an appt to interview a family for a new home for our dog...that was sad!!

But it was a good decision...this lady's a groomer and her son is a Ultimate Frisbee Champ! The dog will love it! I just felt like I was being abusive to her by not spending time with her...she was a high energy dog. I think she will be very happy (she told me so by her reaction to the lady and her boy!)...It was so hard though *sigh*...Anyhow I think all my crying today was also related to trying to function with about 2 hours of sleep!

Wednesday is shaping up much better now. Harley had a good morning, so I didn't have to argue and be yelled at. (BTW: He made it through the day yesterday without calling anyone an 'ass'!). I got in a good 5 hours of sleep (not in a row of course!), got both the boys their baths early and now I just need to shower and pack up for our trip to the mall with the Dec07 Colorado Moms! Then it's home to pick up Robert and Kelly and then off to pick up Harley across town...definitely not as hectic a day as yesterday!

Laundry is calling my name...Then shower...Then on the raod again!

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dance_flower said...

Tracy- thanks for all of your comments! HUGS and Love your way! I still admire you for getting pg so quickly again! I bow down at your are one awesome mama!!!!!