Saturday, December 8, 2007

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Still no sign of real labor with baby Zac....Since 5:30 this morning I have tried nearly everything...I started my morning with some good ol' fashioned loving...Sent Andrew to the store and he got some Castor Oil which I mixed with some Pepsi and swallowed on down (only took one ounce though since I've heard it can also make the baby have a bm)...Walking, stairs, being on my feet for five straight hours (yikes, my back!!)...Even sent DH back out in the snow to get some spicy Mexican foods. The castor oil, I'm told is supposed to give you diarrhea and then labor will start. I took an hour long nap, woke up with some nice strong contractions and have only had one bout of 'water poop' as Harley calls it...Then I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart, getting nice and strong....Then they petered out!! UUUGGGHHH! I don't want to do more castor oil since it might affect the health of the baby...We tried some more lovin' but still nothin'

Oh well, I guess Zac isn't ready to enter the outside world yet...38w1d and counting!!

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Andrea said...

I so appreciate your blog girl! You are able to express yourself so well-- I hope that someday we can meet face to face b/c I think we could be great real world friends too!! :)
BTW- tell Andrew that until he is dealing with pg hormones he has no right to critique how you deal with them! NO UTERUS NO OPINION...