Monday, December 10, 2007

Can't even think of a title!

Well, I'm now getting depressed...I can't believe tihs baby hasn't arrived yet! I have been up since 3:30 just because I can't sleep...Not that I'm having contractions or anything...Now I feel nauseated too...Probably just coming down with a cold or something. Andrew's worried that I'm gonna go into labor today and decide that it's all in my head and refuse to go to the hospital (wishful thinking hunny!)...I wanted so bad to have this baby over the weekend...I can't wait till Friday...I have too many other engagements to keep on Friday and Saturday!! I know that sounds so selfish of me, but I really, really need to have my life scheduled and this is just driving me nuts that I have no control!! The Dr's didn't even give me a choice of when to schedule the induction, just told me Friday....Maybe they'll move it to Monday of next week if I beg them?

Rant over...

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