Thursday, December 6, 2007

And now Part II! - The Goods and Bads?

Since I'm trying not to let myself get down and at the same time need to get this junk off my chest...I figured I'm gonna alternate with the good and the bad...Yesterday, December 5th was not an easy day on me at all! First off, I was all emotional because I thought for sure Zac would have arrived by now...And it was the one year anniversary of my first miscarriage too...I had / have so many things to still get done but a girl needs to sit down sometimes!!

Well, I got the 6' tree and then gave our sad little 4' tree to another needy family: GOOD

Who do I get to turn to for support? I was trying to open the mail and concentrate (not an easy task the last few days) when Andrew expected me to drop what I was doing to listen to him ramble. I admit, I snapped and said I'm sorry but I have important things I'm dealing with right now (I didn't yell it, but my 'tone' was not very nice). Of course I ended up getting yelled at again! I know he's stressing out, but come on! So I tried to explain to him that the mail was upsetting and I'm just tired of people messing with me...Of course, he thought I was referring to him and got all bent out of shape and just started yelling more....Anyhows, the mail was not a bill collection or anything, thankfully we dug ourselves out of those holes years ago...It was a letter from Harley's medicaid tech telling me that his medicaid would be ending 12/31 because I didn't return the redetermination packet!! Ugg, turned that in over a month ago...Of course, I don't have a copy of that one! I know they got it because they sent me a follow up letter telling me that they needed his bank statement...Which I provided to them too! Another run around on this case again!! As if it weren't bad enough that when he no longer qualified for medicaid under SSI because of our income a few months ago, they lost his application that's been active for over 5 years that qualifies him under the Extensive Waiver program. Now to top it off, they have a temp working his case rather than the lady I had to deal with a couple of months ago....Ohhh, red tape!! Thank goodness for my advocacy training or I probably would have gone yelling at the poor people in the office!!--Anyhow back to the story! Soooo, I start to tell Andrew about what's got me so upset in the mail and he cuts me off!! OK, now I'm really getting frustrated!! Who do I get to turn to for support? What's gonna happen when I go into labor and have no control over the hormones and emotions and what I say? OMG!! -- Then I can't get Tyler to go to bed last night either - It was after 9:30 pm when he finally fell asleep! Speaking of Tyler...Let's move on to GOOD since this paragraph is one of those BADS....

Tyler's talking sentences!! - To me this is completely amazing! At nearly 19 months, he can speak in sentences...We are still struggling to get Harley to speak in full sentences (his goal is to speak in 4 to 5 word sentences!). Tyler's just chatting up a storm...It's the coolest thing! I really missed out on this with Robert & Kelly (Robert had speech delays and Kelly was just a little mouse who preferred not to speak at this age -- or would whisper everything and you couldn't hear her speaking!)

I have to reschedule the induction?? That's right, Andrew can't get time off from his Friday morning client so the induction had to be rescheduled! I am so frustrated...And so is Andrew...So now I don't report to the hospital till 12/14 at 11:30 am instead of getting it started at 7:30 am....As long as Zac arrives by 7:30 that night we'll be ok, otherwise Andrew will have to leave to deal with this client for his night visit....I have no one else to be in the delivery room with me....I can't go through labor alone! I can't let my husband miss the birth of our baby!! - I guess this would qualify as a "BAD" in my book!!

It's December! Time to Archive paperwork! This is actually a good...You wouldn't believe how overflowing my file cabinet is after a year...And to think of all the things we've done this year!! We bought a house!! (Imagine the amount of paperwork that generated!)...We sold the condo!! Now I even have a place to archive the paperwork so that it's easy to get to when I do the taxes next month!

Robert's IEP scheduled for when I can't go?? This is really frustrating too! Robert's transitional IEP got scheduled for Monday at 7:30...I can't do 7:30 since Andrew's supposed to fill in for someone else at work and Harley's gotta be on the bus at 8:30!! My dear sweet EX husband decides it's not important I'm there and refuses to reschedule it for when I can attend. Of course, the stupid court system decided he would have school decision making responsibility since they spend overnights with him during the school year (because of Harley's sleep issues). Well, I'm going over his head and to the school counselor anyway...I may get charged with contempt of court for trying to get them to change it since he's a bitter ol' nasty man who will do anything to stab me! OK, again, enough of the 'BAD'....This could turn to be "GOOD" anyhow, so who knows maybe I'll come back and change it?

I was feeling down and exhausted yesterday but decided to go and get some of the Christmas shopping done (today I will do more, once Tyler gets up from his nap). I was able to get 4 things for Robert, one thing for Harley, 2 things for Kelly, 2 things for Tyler and spent only $75!! THAT'S GOOD!! And the best part is that I don't have too much more to go!! Whoohooo!

Haven't even attempted Harley's homework at all this week! This speaks volumes of me. We went walking at the mall two nights in a row, watched some Christmas specials on TV last night and mom was just too exhausted! Tonight he will get a chance to do some of his homework since we have OT and Speech here....I think they understand me not getting it done...The teachers said it wasn't a priority when we had parent teacher conferences....And Sometimes Harley just has a long day too! Unfortunately, Andrew doesn't have the patience for the yelling, tears and destruction that happen when you try to put Harley at task of doing homework so I don't even start that since it just raises my blood pressure and I end up having to deal with it anyway!! -So this is a "BAD" I guess....that I'm a slacker!!

OK, so that was yesterday in a nutshell...Oh I left out that I went and got some authentic Mexican spicy foods trying to get my labor started...Kelly wanted me to stop by the Coffee Shop so she could get an "avalanche" frappicino....I told her I didn't have time to stop and still get home to do everything else so she refused to speak to me for the rest of the ride home!! I swear I can never get to the point that everyone in this house is happy at the same time...I guess a drawback to having a large family nowadays Huh?

That's it...I'm going now....Gotta shower and get dressed so I can finish the shopping! Maybe the walking will do it and get my labor going? Nahhh, I've been bustling around this house all night/day already and NOTHING!!

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