Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloweens Past

Halloween 2006 Kelly was a kitty, Tyler was a frog....Robert decided he's just too old to dress up for Halloween (a first time for me! YIKES! What do you mean my kids are too old to dress up for Halloween?)....Harley?? He was a giraffe, no...wait, a dalmation? Or should he just go as a construction worker? Here's the answer but if you want to know how the 'decision' came about, enjoy reading below:
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Each year we have the dilemna of what does Harley want to be for Halloween? Last year he decided to be a giraffe (and that's what he told everyone who asked him the question we all hear at this time of year: "What are you going to be for Halloween?"). We got the costume and then he refused to wear it...sigh...An hour before leaving for Safe Halloween Festivities at our local high school, Harley decided he wouldn't get any candy if he didn't have a costume....(thanks to the bigger kids!!). You think he would wear the giraffe? Of course not....

We took a step up from past years, where we have a 'back up' costume which consists simply of a bright orange vest he can wear over this clothing or coat...Since he doesn't wear hats (oh, the joys of having kids with sensory issues!!) that was the extent of the costume...he was a construction worker.

Last year we changed routine (and the fact that we had to be ready within a 1/2 hour before we had to leave for Safe Halloween by this point)...We got a plain white tee shirt and put some black dots on it with a sharpie...The beginnings of a dalmation costume (not bad if you ask me for having to think it up in 5, 10 minutes!!). He donned some black pants and then disappeared...Where is Harley?? He was hiding out in his room with the black sharpie drawing a wonderfully crooked 'dot' around one eye....
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He wouldn't let me touch it up!! He still enjoyed his trip to the Safe Halloween!!

A couple of nights later when we went to go trick or treating (on Halloween night)...He wouldn't allow us to paint any dots on his face, so he wore just the tee shirt and a pair of black pants. In Colorado it's usually so cold once darkness dawns that you end up having to zip up your coats and wear mittens or gloves...Well, in all essence, this made it look like Harley was not wearing a costume at all...BUT he still got candy!! And that's all that matters to him!

Oh, by the way to remove permanent marker from skin you can use two things (these two things combined removed the 'eye patch' Harley painted on himself!)...Baby oil (and let it soak in a little) topped with some generic makeup remover and then washed with plain soap and water.

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