Monday, August 23, 2010

What did I miss?

Er, maybe it's more what did the readers here miss?

Vacation, our first in nearly 10 years....FUN! Buena Vista coming eventually...they've been uploaded, just gotta get them up.

Throwback Thursday....Even have an old pic of my grandmother I was going to post...or the pic of my dad from when he was about 10....

Back to school!? Yes Already!! Harley's in 8th grade...Kelly's a junior in high school...Robert's *considering* getting a job (he better consider a little harder). I didn't even take any "first day back to school" pictures sad is that? But then again, Kelly looked like most teens do...big shirt and ripped jeans...Harley? Well, he was dressed like Harley always is :D

Toilet drama...for those that have been following this blog for a while, you've seen the picture of Harley's "toileting position"....we've been through so many toilet seats (and toilets) because of his stand/squat/hover/hug the tank position. Andrew replaced seals in the toilet yesterday because they were Harley broke the brand new seals...and the bathroom flooded...Oh Joy!! Any chance we can get a stainless steel, one-piece toilet installed in our house?! LOL

So yeah, my writing sucks updates are virtually non existent...but if you still visit and still enjoy this blog...let me know? I feel like I blab on and on and about a bunch of nothing anyone's interested in anymore :(

About two more weeks and Tyler starts school. Four more weeks we have Zac re evaluation to see if he starts school in January -- and if not in January he will for sure start next year in September...I will have 4 of my 5 children in school...and each one of them in a different school, in a different direction!! Holy cow, I better make sure my van is well maintained and's gonna be a whirlwind year come this time next year!

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