Sunday, August 29, 2010

First week of school is done and over

Harley had a successful week. Only twice a note came home saying he was trying to sleep at school...once he had fallen asleep on the bus (what's strange is that morning he was wide awake getting ready for school!).

They are still in the reviewing stages of work from last year. I am braced for behaviors once they start challenging him, but who knows? Maybe he will surprise me?

We went right back into the 'school year' routine...therapies after school with Creative Perspectives and in-home therapies on the days he doesn't have CP (and Wednesday).

We had our family therapy session with Mike this past week. Only Andrew, the littles and I attended. We discussed how Tyler is beginning to mimic Harley's behaviors more and more and becoming increasingly aggressive. Mike warned us this will most likely get worse before it gets better. Right now Harley & Tyler are at about the same functioning level emotionally and socially - as I've mentioned before Harley's pretty much plateaued at a 4 to 5 year old level on an emotional/social level. He's been at this level for a while, so I have a feeling this is the highest he'll get.

I was discussing his recertification with his in home OT this week. I was asking if she felt he had a short-term memory loss. At first she said no...but as we discussed it she feels that if it's a auditory reminder or request, then yes, he has a memory deficit...So I'm not sure how we are supposed to list that on his recertification - since we are only supposed to list yes or no?

We are starting a 'new' behavior training program here at home for Harley where he earns 'tick marks' for preferred/compliant behaviors and loses them for unpreferred/aggression/non-compliant behavior. It's been working pretty well since Thursday morning...he earns time on my laptop...which really kind of sucks since he plays and navigates the web in such a way it slows my computer down and I am afraid he will click on the wrong thing and get through my virus software:O He's already crashed the computer that DDRC gave him a couple of years back. Hopefully we can figure something else out soon so he has a different computer other than my laptop to use for his reward.

Kelly's first week of school went well...she did her homework, I didn't get any calls that she missed any classes. I think this year will go much better as now we have BIG leverage. She's turning 17 in about 4 weeks and expects to get her drivers license. She's been reminded all summer that she will NOT be getting her license on her 17th birthday because first she needs to prove to me that she can be responsible enough to attend her classes and keep her grades up...besides she doesn't have a vehicle she can drive to/from school, friends around, etc. Right now we are down to one vehicle (my newer van) and I cannot be home without a vehicle more than I already am--besides Andrew needs it to go to work.

Robert's been a challenge. He's been slightly (ok, more than slightly) depressed that he no longer gets to go to school. We DID warn him of this...he's been on a job search but with the economy the way it is it's gonna be a hard, long road and his frustration levels are not the best when it comes to waiting. Voc Rehab is working with him in the hopes that they can find him a placement with the additional supports and accommodations he will need to be successful with his disabilities. His therapist and psychiatrist are still suggesting we apply for SSI disability benefits for him, but I really don't want to give him an easy out to never work...which is the way he will see it if he can sit at home and collect money to be disabled, he would have no desire nor drive to attempt to find work or even volunteer opportunities.

Tyler's new school year has yet to start. He's going to be a 'senior' in preschool this year. They have changed the location of his schooling this year and he will have all new classmates. He usually excels in his school work, I'm just concerned about his behaviors.

Zachary continues to improve on his speech and may or may not qualify for Early Intervention's a tough call at this point according to his speech therapist. He will be evaluated by DDRC in October or November and depending on how he does at that meeting will determine if he begins school in January of 2011 or if he will need to wait and start in September.

We were able to help one family with school supplies this year. No others came forward for help (at least not that I saw). The moderator at the local freecycle started her own private group for helping people and I think she's been denying any requests for that kind of help and referring them to her other group. It's sad because she's made it difficult for people to 'join' her other group if she has a personality conflict with that's really reduced the number of people I can help.

I have a friend who has been struggling putting food on her table and am trying to help her out...but many times she won't take the help. I feel so badly for her and her family. I do not have a LOT of money and cannot help her out with a whole week's full of groceries at a time, but I try to send little things over as I hear she's in need. I wish there was more I could do to help her but I also understand her need to try to find other ways to provide for the needs of herself and her family.

There's many other things I've been working on over the past few weeks and really really want to start updating my blog more often so that I don't have such long posts in the future. I'll try to post more updates on the goings on in our lives in the coming days, but I think I've given everyone a pretty good picture on the things we've been working on this past week.

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