Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funny, but not....

Harley locked us out of the house today. We were in the backyard talking with the neighbors...had Zac & Tyler outside with us...were about to go through the house and discovered the sliding glass door had been locked. I knocked and knocked and finally Harley came to the door giggling the most infectious (and LOUD) giggle...face beet red, sweating til his hair was soaked...and eating a cookie...he got into the food while he had us locked out. Tried getting in through the garage door...haha--He even remembered to lock the door from the garage to the house...

We have a lockbox on the house for the teens, but of course they did not leave the key in the lockbox (we don't let them keep it there unless they have plans to be out after we go to bed).

Thankfully, Andrew realized he had an extra set of keys in the van, and thankfully the van was unlocked....Harley wasn't about to let us in!!

So yeah, funny but not...slick guy he is...he saw it as a joke...and an opportunity to EAT!!

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