Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey All!!

I have finally gotten pictures uploaded for the past two weeks. We have been so typical in the month of May.

For those who know of the struggles we've had in our lives over the past two and a half years, you will be happy to know that I have been so busy enjoying life, enjoying my boys and overcoming the sadness of the recurrent miscarriages we've suffered -- and that is why my blog has been so neglected. I am hoping to be able to get onto and into it more and update more often so come back soon! I sure do miss the ladies I used to talk to on LF BBC, the Angels boards and the December 07 Stocking Stuffers...hopefully some of them feel they have a "vested friendship" with me and continue to visit here occasionally to keep up with what all's been going on.

We are entering new experiences (and challenges) in our lives in the next 12 months or less...with Robert being an "official" adult in that he is no longer in high school and now we must guide him on how to become a 'real man of the working world'....Kelly preparing for her junior year of high school (and us tightening the reins so that she WILL graduate in 2012 like she's supposed to!)....Harley going into transition services with the dawning of the age of 14...Tyler preparing for another year of preschool...with all new classmates since everyone else is 'graduating' into Kindergarten this year...and Zachary...hopefully...yes hopefully....growing and learning how to use the potty as he nears his third birthday...In December I will undergo an MRI to ensure that the tumor has not grown back and I will get a clean bill of health...and maybe by some miracle, we will be chosen as an Extreme Makeover Home Edition family....yes, it promises to be an even more exciting year in the next 12 months than the past 12 have been. And who knows, maybe we will add to our family in this coming year as well...whether it be a cat, dog, bird or baby...

I hope you choose to follow our journey...and occasionally leave me a note so that I know that people are reading here....feel free to leave an anonymous comment (that way you don't have to have a gmail account) -- but PLEASE be sure to sign your comment. There is a link to email me privately and you can always reach me at facebook as well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your visits via peeking into the windows of our lives through the words of this blog.

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Ruth said...

You sound super busy! I hope this means you've been feeling better. I'm always lurking around the shadows as I have absolutely nothing going on besides kids and housework(which never ends). I'll try and put up some pictures from Easter up on my blog soon. Feel free to drop in when you get a few seconds. I'm always praying for you and your crew!