Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Miscellaneous Pictures

We're coming up on the busiest time of year...and lots of pics...

This morning we are getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese and then color some Easter Eggs. We have 63 plastic eggs we will fill with different kinds of goodies and *if* the weather holds out will do an Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard....

In the meantime, we have some pics from this past week or two (uploaded, finally from my phone).

An action shot of Tyler on the slide

Tyler on the 'squiggly thingy' as he likes to call it

Dad & Zac on the bridge

Tyler doesn't like the 'big kids' swings'....but wanted me to take his pic on it to show Kelly what a big kid he is

The lake at Clement Park

Zac watching the ducks

Harley too!

The boys running in puddles

Tyler at the top of the hat slide

A view of the hat's HUGE!

Tyler goofing off at the playplace
Zac didn't want to go down the slide alone so Harley took him down

Did you know that 1 cent pony rides still exist?
This is the other 1 cent pony ride at the grocery store.

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Haley said...

Great photos, sorry you are still going through all the court thing. Tyler looks like he has grown a lot, his hair looks so thick, beautiful children.

How are you feeling?

I hope your family has a nice Easter.