Friday, October 2, 2009

Meeting update

The meeting yesterday went Amazing!!

On Tuesday of next week Harley will begin attending school full time once again. We are in process of formulating a behavior plan for him and are to have another meeting by October 15th. We have figured out who will be his primary provider when his para is not in school (which will be the para from the Challenge Program, which is familiar with Harley and his needs and his behavior plan). He eats lunch with only 6 other students, a para and a special ed teacher. Creative Perspectives is going in next week to observe and make suggestions on how to handle Harley and his behaviors when they start to see a meltdown.

All in all, it went really well...Transportation (curb to curb) has already been figured out and arranged to start at 6:48 am on Tuesday (gulp!!)

Harley's pretty excited that he gets to have science class again...they will be learning about bones!! It's only the first two periods of the day that they are having to add back he will have reading first and then science and then will continue with his day as he has been as not to cause any more disruption in his routine.

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad they got you guys all straightened out so he can have regular days again. I know that will help you out immensely in the coming weeks.

Keeping p&pt headed your way as you go into this big, important week. (((HUGS)))