Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stay off the sidewalks!!!

Kelly passed her written drivers' test today but since she isn't officially 16 til Sunday, they wanted her to take a 4 hour defensive driving course...which wouldn't be a problem but we didn't have time today and they didn't have any openings today...so next week AFTER she turns 16 we will go and get her drivers' permit! She's so excited!

BBL, I think....


Haley said...

WTG Kelly!

Will she be able to help you out Tracy once she gets her license? I know all areas have different rules/regulations.

Does Robert drive?

Teesa69 said...

Kelly thanks you Haley (and so do I!)...A pretty exciting time for her. She won't be able to get her actual license for at least a year now. She has to log 1200 hours of "practice" driving and 500 hours of nighttime practice driving and then take a drivers' test. Under the driving permit she is only allowed to have the licensed driver plus one person under 18 in the vehicle...but if there's an emergency we may have to bend that rule (since there's always at least 2 siblings in the vehicle).

Robert doesn't drive. He has "no desire" to drive...says it's too much responsibility with car payments, insurance payments, etc. so he has a monthly bus pass and uses the bus system.

Thanks for asking and always leaving notes :D