Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let the Marathon Begin!

Today marks the start of a 36 hour 16th birthday party marathon! We start this afternoon with a few friends coming over to spend the night...while mom spends the day working on 3 cakes (one chocolate, one french vanilla and one ice cream cake!)...This evening after everyone's arrival we will start with making a homemade pizza (thanks Crystal for the idea, Kelly LOVED the idea!)..and then movies and hanging out time.

Tomorrow we start our day picking up people at 10:00am to be back here by 11:00 for the arrival of the guests that can drive and/or are getting a ride from someone else. Then we will BBQ some brats, have cakes and open gifts.

Originally Kelly had planned to take Tyler to Six Flags today but he seems to be in addition to my cooking for the party, I will be busy disinfecting the house so the other guests don't leave here with a little bug as their parting gift and taking care of a grumpy, sick toddler! Whhhoooo Whoooot! (not!)....

I'm sure pics will be posted sometime in the next 48 check back when you can! I think it will be lots of fun!


Haley said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen Kelly!
I hope you enjoy your weekend. Sounds like lots of fun.

Tracy I hope you post a photo of the ice cream cake, I have never made one on those.

Twice the blessing, The Day in the life of living with twins said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!!