Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gone, gone, gone!

Summer that is! I can't believe today's the last day of summer camp! Tomorrow we start taking tours of the new school with Harley. We'll do that each day until the first day of school -- which is a week from today! EEKK!

Kelly's a little upset because it dawned on her that most of her friends are this will be her last year to hang with them...but then she also learned that NONE of her friends have the same lunch as she does except for Thursdays. She shocked me last night...coming upstairs and saying that she's studying her Japanese already! I am so glad she's determined to be a good student this year!

Robert on the other hand is feeling pretty stressed out that this is his last year of school and if he's not accepted into VoTech (which is a two year program) he will have to prepare himself for the "outside" world.

Tyler is upset that "his" school closed down here in our neighborhood. I've not gotten an answer as to IF they are opening a new one in our neighborhood. The next closest is a 30 minute unless they find a way to open a new center here in the "South" area, he won't be going this year. That's ok...Mom wants to keep him home one extra year -- and I bet Zachary would love to have him home for one extra year as well!

Now Zachary..he's picking up on signs really well. Still having a tough time getting him to SAY words, but he's trying more. He's been doing more Hand flapping and spinning which really worries Andrew and I and makes us wonder if he's also on the spectrum, but we are keeping a close eye on him. His fine and gross motor skills are ahead and since the kid couldn't hear for the first 11 months of his life...well it's no wonder he doesn't speak much!! He's suddenly pretty interested in going potty and has given us signs that he's ready but then he gets scared of the potty when he gets close to it...but he's ready...I truly believe that the days of diapers are gonna end in our house in the next six months!!

I know it's Thursday and I owe a Throwback pic to my blog...I wanted Kelly to pick one out...but I think she plans to sleep in today since Andrew's off work today. No one else is up yet today so I think I'm gonna try to sneak in a shower so the pics will just have to wait!

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