Saturday, August 1, 2009

Four more down

Got a call that Harley is going to get an aide on the bus...they also said they would request door to door transporation but were questioning it. We'll see..I'll be calling early next week to confirm that transporation received the 1066.

Tyler's form for headstart is done and ready to be picked up too.

All of Harley's meds are now finally, officially at ONE pharmacy rather than 4 different pharmacies.

Oh and there's a place here in Denver that does "energy grants" to convert your home from gas/electric usage to solar, wind or we applied...the worst they can do is say no right? We should find out in the next 4-6 weeks if we were selected for them to come out and do an evaluation to see if we are good candidates for their program! Wouldn't that be great? Save money on our energy bills as well as teach our children how to live greener!!

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