Monday, August 10, 2009

Been Swamped!!

Things have been so busy since my last post. Trying to get the house cleaned, the household chores caught up before this crazy week of school registrations start.

Kelly got her haircut yesterday and it's super soon as she unloads the pic from her camera phone I'll get it put up here....

The "new" middle school for Harley is already starting off on the wrong foot. First off they didn't do the forms they were supposed to do for his special bus transportation so I had to contact the directors again. Finally got it fixed and he's got an aide on the bus but they FAILED to give him door to door back to Arc, back to the director and now still waiting for the schedule to come.

Today was his school registration. I tried to get him into the "Club" they have for 7th graders gives them 3 days, 2 hours a day to meet peers, get used to the schedule, use their locker, do mock schedules...over two weeks ago when I started on the back to school paperwork I asked to register him and was told that he would need to register during registration. I get there to register him today and was told that it's already full...I asked how that could be and they tell me they've been registering students since APRIL?! Liars!! I tried to register him two weeks ago and they said I couldn't!! I'm pissed!! They put him in a waiting list and then said since he's special ed they would just have his counselor take him on a school tour...NO THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! He should be able to and given priority to particpate with peers to get the full effect with noises and all!! So I said fine, let me talk to his counselor and get it straightened out...umm...sorry, she's not in till Thursday or Friday of this week....GRRRRHHH!!!

They are making this transition harder and it's really really frustrating!!

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Haley said...

Wow, that's the run a round. I hope you get things sorted out before school starts and Harley makes an easy transition. That will be quite a change for him. Thinking of you.