Friday, August 21, 2009

BackTrack to Wednesday

Wednesday was a slower day around here. I didn't get on the road til 10:30 and it was just to take Harley to his school, drop off his meds and do his last "dry run' of his schedule before school started officially Thursday. Considering this was only his 4th time doing it, he did amazing! He remembered all the 'landmarks' and was able to let me follow him rather than follow me. He still can't get the locker thing down -- it's just too frustrating for him -- Too many numbers to remember plus you have to remember directions too. Did you realize there's 12 steps to opening a locker combination? PLUS remembering the numbers and having to be exact about it.

We got home just in time to realize it was Wednesday (LOL) and there was my mother in law. She's decided she's going to come to the house every Wednesday from 11-2 since her job cut her schedule and she needs something to do. Not thrilled as you can tell. She claims its to help me but she can't really deal with the children and I definitely can't let her take them anywhere. Even the teens are afraid to ride with her because she just doesn't pay attention to what she is doing. I know, I need to be grateful...she will be here in time to make and serve lunch and can help with the chores...but this time around she just followed me around and talked to me while I was trying to get ready for the 1:00 meeting at the house with Harley's new caseworker. She and Harley do not get along and she can't understand a word he says so that makes it a little more difficult, but at least this was the last Wednesday that he will be here. She sincerely believes she's going to help me and let me get some rest time as my health issues seem to be taking a toll on me to the point that "outsiders" are seeing some of the symptoms.

Not meaning to ramble..and this has gone on long enough so I think I'd do a part two for this post as the next one is much more interesting.

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