Monday, June 22, 2009


I just came to my blog for the first time since my last post....Wow, I could've sworn I've done a couple of posts since the 11th? Oh well...I'll get back on it. My other blog, which admittedly took some of my time away from this one...has been deleted so hopefully that will free up some more time to do this one. I have over a month of pictures to post...and here we are coming up on another holiday (4th of July).

I'll get here...I'll probably end up bmbarding and rambling on and on about what's happened in the last 12 days...probably not even in order...BUT things I want to say and share....

Let's see ... I have talking points:
1. made my own laundry soap...Searched all over to find the supplies and there they were right in the grocery store! LOL...It works wonderful and leaves my clothes soft.

2. Harley went white water rafting...remember last year when I was nervous about that?

3. I've been spending time with my kids...and getting pics....

4. Harley got a new computer

5. We still haven't found a respite provider, probably never will! LOL

6. Had another early loss this week. :(

I won't talk much about that last point...I think I've already said enough...

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Twice the blessing, The Day in the life of living with twins said...

You will have to post how you made your own laundry soap....sounds fun!