Thursday, May 21, 2009


So many things going on today!! We register Tyler for preschool today! Harley's transition meeting is today...Robert and Kelly have no school. Harley has a field trip (but I have to stop and get him from school on our way to the transition meeting).

I'll update when I get home this evening (at least I hope to) -- after the OT and Zac and Harley's speech therapy -- about how the meeting went. We get to meet his new teacher, principal, psychologist, the head of special ed (I've only dealt with him on the phone and email)...take pictures and formulate Harley's schedule and behavior plan for next year...OH!! Did I mention that Harley's been approved to have a full time 1:1 aide (6 hrs a day) for next year?! That puts me at ease a little more!

I better run and get Harley ready for school and pack his lunch for the field trip...I'll try to be better about updating my blog...

Oh and as you know, I have TONS of pics I want to share of Zac and Tyler that I've taken over the last couple of weeks...They have been keeping me so busy and the weather has been so gorgeous, we've only had time to take pics, but not upload them yet...

OH and I don't know if I mentioned that Zachary passed his hearing test a couple of weeks ago!? I am so excited that he can hear "normal" and ready to get him talking! (he prefers to sign and grunt though :( )

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