Monday, May 4, 2009

Preparations for Craziness

Over the next couple of weeks. This weekend has been a whirlwind with so many things going on (and not going on -- such as respite!)....

On Saturday, we're having Tyler's 3rd birthday party...been so so busy trying to prepare for that...of course Harley is having a cow over that because Tyler's birthday is actually on Sunday - I tried to explain that none of the friends will come over on Mother's day so we have to do the party the day before...He DOES NOT like that idea at all...

So after the party, then preparations for Mother's Day start...I told the kids the one thing I want for Mothers' day is a picture of them all laying on the grass in a circle like we did last year...I want to do that every year for Mother's day. Kelly asked, even when we're 30? Yup, even when you're 30!! I really don't care for any other 'gifts' it should be a nice, uneventful day -- and hey maybe someone else will do laundry that day ? :)

The following Sunday Harley turns 12! OMG I can't believe he's about to turn 12! One more year he'll be a teenager -- and he can't wait to be a teen because the teens are always telling him he can't do this or that because he's not a teenager yet...they are gonna be sorry for telling him that because I just know the day he turns 13 he will be up their butts to do all those things they told him he couldn't do till he was a teen.

For Memorial Day the older kids are going to Wyoming to visit their dad for the weekend. I'm not worried about them not coming home because they have finals the next day so he'll make sure they get home in time. I'm worried about them though -- Kelly won't be able to use her cell phone up there since they don't have cricket service on earth will this girl survive without talking to her boyfriend or texting her friends for 3 days? Robert is keeping a good attitude and is just curious to see what Wyoming's all about....I worry too about how Tyler, Harley and Zachary are gonna deal with their siblings being gone for 3 days...But we'll make it through...just worry that's all...but that's my personality!

Then we have Andrew's birthday in early June...and then 2 weeks later we have Fathers' Day, then two weeks later we have 4th of July (and Harley's "summer vacation" since he'll be in camp all summer from the last day of school till the first day of school except for 4th of July week!)...Then the week after that Andrew's home for "vacation". I am so looking forward to him having a whole week off of work to destress!

Right after that it will be time to start getting ready for back to school. Wow, just writing this out the summer vacation's flown by...and it's not even started yet :)

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