Thursday, May 21, 2009

Octopus Upside Down Cake

now for the story behind the cake....Last Thursday when Harley's OT came she asked him what kind of cake he was going to have for his birthday...he replied with "An Octopus Upside Down Cake"...This was the first I had heard of it and asked him if he had seen it in a magazine or website or something and he wouldn't answer...He was so mad that I didn't know what he was talking about - I got online to look for Octopus cakes and he became even more angry to the point that he was becoming physically violent!! So I gave him one pill to take the edge off...after 30 minutes he was still so upset and still trying to beat on me and "trash" my computer that I gave him another...Still he did not calm...Finally I asked him if HE knew the recipe for the cake and he said "sure"....He wrote it down (and I can't find it for the life of me or I'd post a pic of it, but this is what it said):

1 lemon cake
1 can chocolate frosting
1 octopus

Ok, the octopus threw me off...what's he want? Calamari in his cake? Kelly comes up behind me and whispers that he had seen this on Zula Patrol (the cartoon!). I tried to explain to Harley that the cake he saw on Zula was not real because it was a cartoon....and he got angrier than before! All total took us 3 hours (and 3 sedatives) to calm him down after not knowing what he was talking about...

When I went to make the cake on Saturday morning, Harley brought me the octopus he wanted me to put inside the cake...a toy octopus (I needed to put it in the cake so that it would come out upside down of course!)--I disinfected it by boiling it and then baked it into the cake! That's what he wanted and I think if I hadn't done it the cake probably would've went flying all over the place!!

Well, I was going to try to make the cake into an Octopus anyways (the reason it looks like a turd!) but ran out of time so Andrew frosted the cake while I wrapped gifts...Man, I sure wish he didn't want chocolate frosting!! I just couldn't bring myself to eat any cake -- but Harley and Zachary sure had a lot of fun with it!

Now on Sunday he wanted to go to Party City and pick up a "game or two" for his party...He picked out a Star Wars Pin the Destroyer into the galaxy game and a set of 4 party favors that were thumb wrestlers. We got home and I was ready to start up the game and he told me "NO!! These are for ggggg---iiiii---ffff----tttt---ssss for MY birthday, NOT games for EVERYONE to play"....Ok buddy whatever turns your crank I guess!!

I was really upset that all the teens that had come to Tyler's party (and were supposed to come to Harley's party) all crapped out on him...he didn't mind, but I was pretty upset that they decided not to come -- I mean I was even providing transportation and everything, they didn't want to take an hour or two out of their day to celebrate wtih Harley!? BUT they had been over the day before because they had a Six Flags outing planned...and had asked Harley about going to his party and asked him about giving gifts...It went something like this:
TROY and JENNA: "Harley is it ok if I don't come to your party?"
HARLEY: "do you have presents or gifts for me?"
MOM: "They already dropped off some gifts for you" (I had some things I wrapped with their names on it as a "from")
HARLEY: "Oh, no...I just want the gifts! -- you can go home!"
TROY & JENNA: "at least he's honest!!"

All in all it was a good party. Harley's big thing now is that on his next birthday he will be a TEENAGER!! He is so excited to think he's gonna be a teenager (and I'm not ready for him to be one!) and thinks he's gonna get to hang out with the "big" kids once he turns 13...*sigh* I have battles ahead of me from all of them by then!!

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