Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, I have updates on Harley

Sorry I am running so far behind. No I haven't forgotten to work on Harley's case and pay attention to my other children. In fact my TTC deadline has now passed so I'm sure that will make some of you happy who seem to think that I ignore my other children's needs in my TTC goal. Oh well....

Anyways, I've been on the phone with all sorts of people (not the school) for the past two days. I talked to the State Head of Special Ed services yesterday who will be coordinating things since the school cannot seem to get things in order because they are too disorganized.

We spent over an hour on the phone yesterday trying to figure what needs to be addressed. He will go ahead and get those things addressed and try to streamline it. There's only just over 5 weeks of school left and we really don't have time to have meeting after meeting after meeting. I will stay in contact with him via email and phone every other day -- and he will call me immediately if there is any 'breaking' news. We discussed the need for additional staff training in areas of autism and use of picture schedules so I feel like I made some tremendous progress, not just on Harley's case but also for the other children who benefit from the use of picture schedules and strict routines. I also asked that the school that he is going into get some behavior training and work with CP to try to keep everything on a routine. It's ridiculous for them to turn down the training by CP since it will not be costing the district a dime.

so that's the big update....really no news to share since it's been a long road of phone tag to reach the State director. I am feeling progress now -- and that makes a HUGE difference...We might just have a plan in place by the end of this school year that is acceptable and that I feel will work for Harley in the next year as we transition him to *gulp* middle school!

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