Friday, April 17, 2009

Only Twice...

yesterday Harley had minor behaviors -- during recess he spit on another student. He was given 10 minutes of time out from recess and the rest of recess went fine.

Then he went to a presentation at the library by other 6th grade students. He was so disruptive to the other students (because he can't sit still and has to pace when not in a 'routine' class) that he had to be removed. He was taken the the psychologists' office to read a book he selected while he was in the library.

So a fairly good day for Harley. I'm just glad we have a behavior service plan (BSP) in place...even if it's not correct at least the document exists...That takes a great weight off my mind until we have another meeting of course...and the tears are not as hot and hard today. The stress of dealing with this has just had me so on edge and feeling so out of control that I just couldn't take it...But it has resolved somewhat now...I don't have to worry as much about my son's safety.

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