Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Zachary's appointment

Zac had a hearing test and follow up with the ENT yesterday. On April 10th he'll be going in to have tubes placed and his adenoid removed....His hearing is worse now than it's ever been!!?? The tube fell out of the right ear and he's got so much fluid that they couldn't get a reading at all!! The left tube is still there but so crusted that they couldn't get barely any reading (I can't remember the exact numbers?!)...So...well at least I know that this isn't really a 'major' surgery...I guess that's why most of his noises are grunts...at least he's been learning sign really well! He can sign more, eat, drink, milk, please and help...I'm not sure what else we will be teaching him....I'll have to ask his speech therapist next week.

Harley had a major meltdown while we were there yesterday. yeah, we got back from "downstairs" where they do the tests to see the dr...sit in the waiting room to see the dr and he was like "Ok time to go"....we told him no, we still have to see the dr....he began screaming...i mean SCCCCRRRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMINGGGG! Everyone in the dr's office came running out from the back office and the 3 receptionists in the front were FREAKING out. Finally I had andrew take him down the hallway....told him he could take him to the van--he couldn't get him that far....got him to a patio outside on the 3rd floor but it was surrounded by mirrors and echoed.....the mirrors were windows You know? so those people were watching the whole episode. Andrew got screamed at,....Harley said he was gonna kill him....Andrew says there was people coming out to the patio to see what was happening....and they would look, smile and walk really fast and get the hell out of there...he was scaring so many people
now remember, this is at a HOSPITAL so lots of people!! finally, the appts' done....
we got into the elevator and some other guy was in there...Harley was still screaming and punching himself in the head and growling and mumbling about killing someone and this guy FREAKED out....couldn't get out of the elevator quick enough...he got out at the same stop (parking garage) walked all the way to the other end to exit into the parking garage just to find he was parked next ot us
it's funny to watch adults reactions....

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