Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Survivor: Autism Island - Challenge 2 - part 2

Now that you got him off the boat....

You take him to Country Buffet since you were walking past it anyways.

Part two of this challenge: Keep him to ONE ice cream, don't mix milk and sprite and eat only 2 plates of food...Don't forget to continually prompt him to slow down and put his fork down in between bites. You MUST remain in the restaurant for at least one hour regardless if he's done eating (so everyone else in your party can continue eating!)

"Pillsbury Dough Boy" is the manager :)) (this is the nickname we've given the manager at our local CB -- he likes to sit and keep an eye on us the whole time we're there!).

We''ll check back on you later to see if you accomplished this task without:
1) Harley puking - then flooding the bathrooms by puking in each stall and continually flushing
2) Everyone in your party being able to eat their fill before you had to vacate
3) Harley yelling and screaming that he's gonna "kill" you for not allowing him that second ice cream (or a 3rd plate of food).

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