Saturday, March 28, 2009

Did you find the Frog?

here ya go!
I didn't see it at first either...Today it's melted and the roads are DRY!

Harley's heading out to see Monsters vs. Aliens with respite today...he's been planning it for WEEKS!

I'm hoping to get started on painting the kitchen some time this week (I mentioned this about SIX months ago!). The older kids won't be going ANYWHERE today so they can help...they've been slacking off and having so much fun they've not been doing their chores...but

They got to go sledding yesterday and I had to let that happen since the snow won't be around long! (sorry, no pics, I stayed home with Zachary and took a nap!!)

Of course I still have a chunk of housework to catch up on today, but they're gonna help so it should go well....

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Haley said...

That's where I was thinking!

I hope you enjoy your snow, lol. That's a lot of snow, wow.