Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking a breather

Been so busy today! I went to get some diapers out of the closet in the boys' room..and since they wouldn't let me get any other household chores done ... decided to go through the ... SEVEN boxes of toys I had stored in their closet...what FUN!!

Freecycle's gonna love me today! I've got 4 large diaper boxes full of infant / toddler toys to give away...I can't wait to see what kinds of responses I get since so many people are looking for toys for their children due to the economic crisis...

Then about noon I remembered that Harley's caseworker was scheduled to come at 2:30! OMG!! I had to whip the house into shape and got it done just in the nick of time!

Well, I better get back on it...There's my post of the day...of course I have pictures, but if I sit too long I'll never get back up and be motivated again today...I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

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