Saturday, December 6, 2008


And still in the 2ww...Yes, I STILL hate the 2ww...I am feeling like I did at 12dpo last cycle...hoping I get a bfp at 13dpo like last month...but a sticky one this time!

PICTURES TODAY!!! YAY!!! I hope I come home with some of them at least!! Now, if only everyone will cooperate...You know if I get some I will post them here ASAP! (maybe even before we get home since I'm gonna take my laptop with me)!

Don't know yet if we're gonna try to dress in like colors or just "comfortable and relaxed"...I guess we'll see when the time comes...

I am feeling better than yesterday, but still feel on the verge of tears...Maybe it's the bfns today that's got me weepy though? Or maybe it's the progesterone? Ugh, I wish it was the hcg!! LOL


Haley said...

Can't wait to see the photos Tracy.

Haley said...

Where are you Tracy, did you get the photos done?