Friday, December 19, 2008

Gearing up for quite a day!

Harley gorged himself last night ... ate a whole box of chocolate donuts (this kid's getting sneaky and somehow managed to sneak a box of chocolate donuts into his room). It seems he also absconded two bananas, add to that a cheese sandwich with ketchup and some chocolate milk...) Well he vomited it all out! -- just as I was about to drop into bed for the night since yesterday was a crappy day too..

So I have all sorts of linens to wash...including blankets. Thank goodness my washing machine is extra large capacity that way I don't have to go to the laundromat with all these kids! I'll have to buy him new pillows though...those I just threw in the trash!

Tyler wakes me up to SCREAMING bloody murder...saying HOT! He has diarrhea and it burned his butt. Found out that Andrew gave him pear juice yesterday and didn't water it down! This happens every time!

Zachary -- he had shots yesterday...I thought he was just getting just one since he already had his flu shots -- SURPRISE! He got SIX! So he's being clingy (which I really don't mind, he doesn't take time to snuggle much anymore!) -- BUT I have to get some of the laundry done...I'll be doing laundry all day! -- Oh yea and Zachary is fine, but on the way to get his shots, he vomited this wonderful concoction of lunch and curdled milk all over himself, the van seat and his car seat yesterday. He's not handling the switch to regular whole milk from formula well at all! I switched him back to formula for now and we've had no more episodes...Thank Goodness!

Robert & Kelly get to come home today and stay till Friday of next week -- which means they will be here for Christmas!!!

We were planning on starting with our annual Christmas Cookie Bake...IDK after dealing with all these bodily fluids if I'm really up for making cookies all day long...

TMI: (remember how to read invisible ink?)--Ovulation day is quickly approaching...of course Andrew is working extra early hours and so he's been napping twice a day for 3 hours at a time, getting up just in time to go back to work...and he has a I guess no bd'ing for us in the next few days this won't be our month after all :(

I somehow twisted my knee yesterday so it's swollen up like a balloon and hurts to put any weight on it...great day to have to run up and down the stairs doing laundry all day!

Ahh, the first day of winter break for the kids...and still I have Christmas Shopping to finish :D

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Haley said...

Oh my goodness Tracy, you have had a rough few days. I am sorry. Poor Harley, I bet he was enjoying those donuts when he was eating them.

My kids are the same if you give them juice, we have always had to water it down.

6 shots, that's too many for a little fellow.

I hope things settle down for you and you have a great Christmas week.

I am glad Robert and Kelly will be with you on Christmas.