Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wishing HER luck

I have an appointment with the OB today...I will be asking her to give me prometrium for the upcoming cycle. I'm sure she will tell me "there's no studies proving that it will help" to which my response will be "and no studies that prove it won't, so what will it hurt?".

If she still refuses to give it to me, I have already found the source on line that others have ordered from and have gone on to have successful pregnancies.

I am not able to sleep through the pain and gushes...I think I will let Harley stay home from school today since the school sent him home yesterday "sick"...I'm going to play along...

I know it will mess up his routine some and tomorrow it will be even harder to get him to go to school (maybe I'll let him stay home again?)...BUT it will give me a chance to sleep in (if I can manage to get back to bed) and take it easy on myself. I really need to take it slow for a couple of days ... this miscarriage has been very painful (not just emotionally, but physically) and causing lots of other things (dizziness, headaches, etc.) so it's time to just take care of ME....

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