Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today I am at peace

It seems so foreign to me to feel at peace, maybe I am numb? I know there is no hope for this baby I still have not passed, but I know there is one waiting for me and I will be back to my crazy TTC game once AF is here and gone (I sure wish she would hurry though)....

I am convinced (I know some of you disagree) that the progesterone is a HUGE issue in my keeping babies. Thanks to the ladies on my TTC for Older Mommas for helping to guide me on where I can purchase it online if I can't find a doctor who believes it will help sustain a pregnancy.

I think that is what is helping me feel at peace, I truly feel that this pregnancy gave me the answer to why I have been having so many chemical pregnancies--And Andrew agrees as well.

So ... on to next month ... oh and guess what? (see next post)


Brooke said...

Tracy, I am so sorry you have gone through this once again. Reading this post you seem to be in a really great place and are ready for the next step. It's great to hear you say that you know there is a baby waiting for you! Great attitude that I'm sure will help your next BFP come quickly!

Jenn said...

Tracy, I am glad you feel at peace. I can not imagine how hard it must be to lose baby after baby, and not have a supportive Dr who is willing to help you. I completely agree that it is a P problem, and I think once you get your hands on some, all of your problems will be solved. Try and keep your chin up, I definately think there is a baby waiting for you :)