Thursday, November 20, 2008

My own version of the Housework Game

I've seen this thread at Large Families and lurked a few times. I'm playing my own version of it by myself...I have found if I can list my accomplishments it helps to keep me going...and I feel proud of myself!!

So my list for today:
dishes, laundry, clean out refrigerator, Harley's room, organize/clean out kitchen cabinets, empty trash from around the house and take trash to the curb, give the boys a bath, sweep kitchen floor, vacuum living room.

As of 12:30:
Last load of laundry is drying (no more laundry...yet!), refrigerator's cleaned out, Harley's room is done, dishes are organized and cleaned out (still gotta do the spice cabinet), dishwasher's running and Zac just woke up from his things are on hold for a little while.

As of 2:30
Dishes, laundry (folded, not put away yet), boys' bath, sweeping the kitchen the home stretch now!!

As of 4:30 IT'S ALL DONE!!!! What a wonderful feeling...exhaustion too, but still a wonderful it's time to cook up dinner and mess up the kitchen I just cleaned :) That means more dishes too, but I'm up for it!

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