Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Preparations

Pumpkin pie never got made...One of Andrew's clients gave him a pumpkin pie so Harley decided "we can't make a pumpkin pie because we already have one!" So Sorry no pictures of that...

Instead we put lights on the big tree out in front of the house--
Robert & Zac untangled some lights

Kelly wanted to be the one climbing the ladder so she's the one who actually decorated the tree...Photobucket

She also insisted on a picture of "Mom and Dad together" laughing!Photobucket

Some Mommy and Me time with Zachary

Some brother bonding time

now some silly time!

Tyler slept through all the fun, but was much happier when he woke up!Photobucket

Harley wanted a picture with mom too...Zac got one!

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